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Granada Airport Bus Times

Page updated 14th April 2021

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Granada airport bus times

The bus company ALSA organizes frequent transfers between Granada Airport (or Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport as it is also known) and the city of Granada. The journey takes 45 minutes and costs 3€. You can buy tickets on the bus or ONLINE. The times shown are only a guide and you should check the exact times for the day in question on ALSA.COM.

The airport buses from Granada airport to Granada coordinate with flight arrivals and wait for the departure lounge to clear. They generally leave 30 minutes after the flight arrives. The bus stop is to the right of the building as you leave the airport.

The airport bus route is linear and links Granada airport with the city centre. The bus has the following stops in Granada (the times in minutes should be added to the original departure time from the Palacio de Congresos for an approximate idea of what time the bus will arrive at the various stops):

1. Palacio de Congresos +0 minutes

2. Acera del Darro (Corte Inglés) +2 minutes

3. Gran Vía (CATHEDRAL bus stop if you are coming from AIRPORT, outside GOBIERNO CIVIL if you are going to AIRPORT) +5 minutes

4. Avenida Constitución (HOTEL CONDOR) +15 minutes

5. Plaza San Isidro +20 minutes

6. Bus Station (Bay 4) +30 minutes

7. Rotonda Europa +31 minutes

8. Granada Airport +45 minutes

For more information about the Granada airport bus stops and for advice about which stop to use according to where your accommodation is, please see this page: airport bus stop map


To check bus times and buy tickets, please visit BUS TIMES/TICKETS